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 Lila J - up-coming gigs








We are always adding new dates to our up-coming gigs list so keep an eye out for a gig near you!

11/05/18     Cheltenham        BOTB Cotswold Inn

26/05/18     Forest of Dean   Mitcheldean Beer Fest

29/05/18     Bath                    Music Expo UK acoustic

02/06/18     Rebrook              Live on the Wye Fest

09/06/18     Oxford                SISTAFEST

12/06/18     Bath                    Music Expo UK bands

23/06/18     Forest of Dean   Riverside Rock

14/07/18     Forest of Dean   YUDCANDY Fest

21/07/18     Forest of Dean   Mitcheldean Folk Fest

31/07/18     Gloucester         TANK

04/08/18     Cirencester         AISNE Festival

28/09/18     Forest of Dean   Something Else in the Dean


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