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Lila J
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by Behind the Scene Gloucestershire on Lila J
Review of Ambulance

These guys have to be one of the most fantastic musical duos there are. There songs are quirky and inventive and their passion infused together helps them to make some of the most original music around. Their creativity shines through their lyrics and we just love to listen to them.

Brilliant music for chilling out with your friends and enjoying a nice sunny day, or sitting in a reflective state. My favourite song within the album ‘Ambulance’ which may I add can be brought on band camp, has got to be ‘Night Polka’. It is so different to your ordinary and generic songs and stands out amongst the rest.

You have to check out this amazing video on YouTube ‘Stay a While’. The song is beautiful and well written with amazing lyrics, however the video is comical and just brilliant! 10 out of 10 for this video, very good. There are many more videos on YouTube however such as ‘Don’t wait too Long’ or ‘A Letter to Mr Tom Waits’.

On top of all of that I have to say well done with the merchandise, got to love a swan. Would love to see some cool badges in the future although I am sure whatever this dynamic duo get up to it is going to be earth shaking!

by Geoffrey Head on Lila J

This is definitely Sunday afternoon music. I’ve got the fire on, a roast chicken in the slow cooker (yes, you heard me right – the slow cooker) and although I didn’t stay out late last night, I’m weary and need something that’s not going to blast my head off.

Step forward Gloucestershire’s Lila J. Made up of Lisa Jenkinson and Gavin Jones (once of the brilliantly named punk band Foreheads in a Fishtank who did a couple of Peel sessions in the 90’s), Lila J play intricate acoustic songs about life, love and everything in between.

Lisa takes up lead vocals on all 10 tracks that make up debut album ‘Ambulance’. Her voice is very traditional, a little bit bluesy, but mostly acts as a vehicle for her storytelling.

‘Dearest Mabel’ is the standout track, a catchy finger-picked folk song that doesn’t sound a million miles away from what Hattie Briggs is doing at the moment. What is it about that Stroud sound?

Every song apart from one is under 3 minutes long, so as a consequence the whole album is stripped-back, simple and fairly lo-fi. With a second album currently being recorded, local folk fans may wish to look up Lila J because ‘Ambulance’ is a solid debut and I’m sure they’ve plenty more tales to tell on album number two.

by Anonymous on Lila J

Great fun - loved every minute.

by Anonymous on Lila J

Well, this was a pleasant surprise and no mistake.

Sophronie's label-mate Lila J and her musical collaborator Gav Jones played two excellent sets at The Prince Albert on Sunday evening.

The first thing that hits you is Lila's beautifully smooth mezzo voice but pretty soon the whole surprise package is revealed as Jones' extraordinary guitar technique begins to drive the music forward with a variety of unusual rhythms - Gypsy, Balkan and one dischordant, fractured polka 'Night Polka'. The technique is percussive and bass heavy, with the right hand striking well up the fretboard and my word, is it effective. He looks like he's having a great time, despite repeatedly being hit on the head by a large pink sock...

Lila's voice swoops and hovers over the backing like a graceful bird, drawing heavily from their debut album 'Ambulance' - 'Dearest Mabel' is lovely, as is 'Magic Bus' but the standout track of the night for me is the album's closer 'Clouds', which is delightful.