LILA J Albums

LILA J tour all over the UK, playing sets that include music from each of their albums. Consequently you can catch a performance at summer festivals and live radio sessions. (A list of dates can be found HERE)


Journey - Lila J Album

Journey is the third album from LILA J. A journey of music blessed with love, help & encouragement from beautiful, colourful array of characters.

“Treasure”Lila J - albums

LILA J and the full band.

Four enchanting songs, recorded at Sound Shack Studios, Cheltenham that have gained LILA J a surge in popularity and new, dedicated fans. Taken from their third album, due for release in 2019, this EP has limited edition hard copies and download available on amazon HERE. Treasure is also available to download on Itunes.

“Duple”Lila J albums

 LILA J released their second album in May 2015 after the sell-out success of their first album “Ambulance.”

Duple a well received album with a great deal of airtime on radio stations around the globe including USA, Canada and all across the UK.

Lila J - Albums

The first album released by LILA J.